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MDF is a kind of sheet which has a homogeneous structure and medium hardness, it is composed from the fibre which can be obtained by thermo mechanical method from wood and other cellulose materials, after the fibre is dried for a fixed humidity degree it is glued with adhesive which has thermosetting character at the rate of almost 9-11% and pressed under the heat and pressure.

\"Mi And Ga\" Company offers the most extensive selection of chipboard (DSP) and wood fiber (MDF) tiles in Armenia. A wide selection of colors of laminated laminated tiles will not leave dissatisfied even capricious customer.

The range of accessories of "Mi And Ga" Company is the widest in Armenia. In our trade center You will find all you need in furniture production. And if in our range You will not find have the desired product, we're ready to provide You with a wider choice by catalogs and bring the selected accessory to Armenia as soon as possible.